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          Romuald Traugutt was born on January 16th, 1826, in Szostakowo (on the border of Podlasie and Polesie). He graduated from Minesweepers School in Żelechów in 1848.

          In 1849 he went to Hungary with Russian army to pacify liberation movements. After he came back, he got married with Anna Pikiel. On December 1st, 1853, he went to Crimean War. In 1856 he was offered a position of lecturer in Military School in Petersburg. In 1859 Romuald Traugutt lost two children, and then his grandmother and wife died. Due to those events, he became more dedicated catholic. In 1862 he decided to work in his farm in Polesie.

          He joined the January Uprising in April 1863; in May he led a small division (about 200 people). Firstly, his division won battles but later, it lost and separated. After rebuilding the division, Romuald Traugutt went to Wołyń and in 1863 he made a loss in Kołodno. After recovering from illness he came back to Warsaw.

          On August 14th, 1863 he was nominated as a general by National Government and sent on a military-diplomatic mission to Paris. Then, he became a leader of the January Uprising. Under his dictatorship, the uprising was more successful.

          General Romuald Traugutt was arrested by Russians on April 10th, 1864 and sentenced to death. He was hanged near the Warsaw Citadel on August 5th, 1864, aged 38, together with the rebel commanders Rafał Krajewski, Józef Toczyski, Roman Żuliński and Jan Jeziorański. Romuald Traugutt died in the name of holiness.