• School Banner


          The banner is present from 12th October, 1958, and it is a sign of tradition and history of Primary School and High School. It connects those who graduated from the school with present and future students, teachers and school employees. It is a symbol of life and most important values at school: country, education and work.

          The banner is present during the most important school events; the beginnings and endings of school years, students’ pledges, national holidays assemblies, as well as during the funerals of teachers who passed away.

          On sixtieth anniversary of Romuald Traugutt High School, the banner was changed. Due to time and structure changes in the school, the banner remained outdated. It has stayed at school as a great memory. The new banner was designed by a head teacher – Mrs. Agata Pallasch and made by Haft Artystyczny "MM plus M" Piotr Mierzejewski company.

          Among the honored people are:

          1. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz – the President of Warsaw

          2. Urszula Kierzkowska – the Mayor of Wola district

          3. Col W. Chrzanowski – the Commander of Mazowian Military Gendarmerie

          4. School society